Finoso Pharma Pvt. Ltd.

Finoso Pharma is a full-service Formulation Research and Development services company that partners with global pharmaceutical companies in formulation development and regulatory registration programs. Finoso Pharma focuses its efforts on reducing the cost of product development for the end customer. At Finoso Pharma, we are determined to design, develop and deliver effective and innovative formulation solutions and provide complete regulatory and technical support in order to bring pharmaceutical products to the global market place faster and in a cost effective manner.

Celsus Therapeutics Plc

Celsus Therapeutics is a drug development company focusing on novel anti-inflammatory, first-in-class synthetic drugs termed Multi-Functional Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (MFAIDs). Celsus’s proprietary drug technology platform is unique and potentially offers an answer to an urgent unmet need: the lack of satisfactory alternatives to corticosteroids in the treatment of a multitude of inflammatory diseases. The company has assembled an experienced team that shares its vision and is committed to making it a success.

Arete Clinical Research Consulting Services Inc.

Arete Clinical Research provides a complete range of clinical research consulting services to the clinical divisions of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Arete Clinical Research provides services to conduct, coordinate and manage Phase I through Phase IV clinical trials in US and India. Our large network of research sites, hospitals and GCP trained Investigators from different therapeutic areas facilitates cost effective and high quality drug development research services.

Apredica LLC

Apredica is a preclinical Contract Research Organization (CRO) that provides services to optimize and evaluate ADME, Toxicity and Pharmacokinetic properties of drug candidates and lead compounds early in the drug discovery process. In August 2010 Apredica (Watertown, MA) was acquired by Cyprotex (Macclesfield, UK) and now functions as their United States base of operations.

Appletree CI Group

Appletree has specialized in two areas of contract services: Clinical research and regulatory affairs. Our core business is the development of ophthalmological medicines and medical device investigations. Appletree is the only contract research organisation in Europe with the combined expertise of medical devices and eye care.

Stabicon Life Science Pvt. Ltd.

Stabicon Life Sciences is a Contract Research Organization offering stability study management and analytical development services. Capabilities and expertise of our young scientists match the most exacting international standards. Backed by outstanding academic credentials, deep domain knowledge and proven track records, they bring rich industry expertise and international experience to our service offerings. We believe that to deliver true cost effective value added service, focused approach & innovation is necessary.

Trial Management Group, Inc.

Trial Management Group Inc. (TMG) is Canada’s leading clinical investigator network with the largest number of high-performing primary care investigators across the country. Our experienced investigators are trained in Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and have successfully completed hundreds of Phase II-IV trials across multiple therapeutic areas. In business since 1995, our purpose is:

Xeno Diagnostics, LLC

Established in 2007, Xeno Diagnostics is a leading Contract Research Organization (CRO) specializing in custom cell-based assays in the area of immunological testing. From mixed-lymphocyte reactions, to cytotoxicity and endocrine testing, Xeno Diagnostics has experience in a wide variety of in-vitro diagnostic testing. Having worked with human, non-human primate (baboon, cynomolgous macaque, rhesus macaque), and porcine models, Xeno has demonstrated the ability to produce consistent high-quality results.

Atlantic Research Group

ARG is a full-service CRO founded to provide small and mid—size biotech and pharmaceutical firms with high—quality clinical trial management services. We've been down the clinical trial road many times. And we know that without a comprehensive map, a capable guide and a clear focus, the journey can be arduous. We believe that every company with promising, potentially life—enhancing products — no matter what the size — deserves the best possible chance to put their compounds to the test.