Amunix Operating Inc.


Amunix was founded in 2006 by Willem 'Pim' Stemmer and Volker Schellenberger. It has now grown to encompass 30 employees, a dedicated in-house patent attorney, and over 12,000 square feet of research labs. Our primary focus continues to be the design and preclinical development of protein pharmaceuticals with extended serum half-lives through the application of our XTEN technology platform. Central to our platform, XTEN is a hydrophilic, unstructured polypeptide which imparts a number of favorable properties to the molecules to which it has been fused. By conjugating existing, clinically tested drugs to XTEN through a process called XTENylation, we are able to generate improved versions of these products, or "biosuperiors". Besides the advantages of a lower dosing frequency, XTENylation stabilizes plasma drug concentrations, minimizing side effects which include toxicity and reduced efficacy.

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Mountain View
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