Eriochem S.A.


stablished by the end of 2000, ERIOCHEM is an argentine pharmaceutical company which specializes in the synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients, in the manufacturing of finished pharmaceutical products and the development of added value generics or supergenerics.

Dynamism and creativeness are the main aspects of our Research & Development Area.

Our highly qualified R&D team its devoted to the development of manufacturing processes of sustained release products, the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients, and oncological generics and supergenerics development.

It is ERIOCHEM’s policy to protect the intellectual property of its innovations: our main products are based on high-technology processes developed by ERIOCHEM for the most important international markets.

Our facilities are located in the countryside, only 16 km. away from the city of Paraná (Entre Ríos, Argentina), on a 10 has. land surface to ensure a safety ecological belt, with more than 8300 square meters covered by seven (7) plants and two (2) buildings for Quality Control activities.

Focused on pharmaceutical "sustained release products" based on biodegradable polymers and innovative high tech processes for the production of micro-spheres, ERIOCHEM uses its own techniques in the manufacturing processes of these products.

ERIOCHEM has two pharmaceutical plants for lyophilzed products for injection and injectables. “Plant 1”, where Acetato de Leuprolide Depot, Vinorelbine, Oxaliplatin and Docetaxel are manufactured, is approved by Argentina, MERCOSUR, INFARMED (Portugal), INVIMA (Colombia), MCC (South Africa), Belarus and was also successfully inspected by the German authorities.

Our new pharmaceutical “Plant 2” has a sterile area with quality “Class A” for lyophilized products and injectables, with automatic systems, cleaning in place and sterilization in place, which guarantee complete aseptic proceses and products, with the aim of obtaining its future approval by the FDA. Up to now is already approved by Argentina, MERCOSUR, INVIMA (Colombia), MCC (South Africa), Belarus and was also successfully inspected by the German authorities.

HQ Address: 

Ruta 12 Km 452
3107 Colonia Avellaneda
Entre Ríos

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HQ State: 
Entre Ríos
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Colonia Avellaneda
+54 343 4979125