Pharmalog Institut für klinische Forschung GmbH


PHARMALOG is one of the leading, pan-European full-service CROs (Clinical Research Organisations), located in Germany, with excellent experience gained over the past 29 years.
Our team of 50 academics conducts phase (I) II-IV clinical trials for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry in accordance with EU Directives, national law, ICH-GCP FDA standards, as well as post-marketing surveillance and pharmaco-economic clinical studies. We perform complete research programmes as well as special trials e.g. dermatological/cosmetic trials in collaboration with partner institutes in pre-clinics and phase I units.
Our areas of operations are: Germany, Western Europe and Eastern Europe (also non-EU states, such as Russia and Georgia). Multinational and national trials are centrally managed at PHARMALOG using mainly field-based monitors for the local sites. We have joined forces with our partner CRO in France and together we offer a team of more than 100 people with field-based monitors, in Western and Southern Europe.

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81673 Munich

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